Car Accessories

Attract attention with neon or LED lights from Streetglow and Varad. Improve the silhouette or aerodynamics of the car with an aerodynamic kit and spoiler   We also have tires. Improve the quality of your headlights by replacing the factory versions with HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon lights from Hella or Piaa.
    Do you own a truck? We have plenty of accessories that can enhance the appearance of the truck or provide you with added convenience. For example, does anyone have difficulty climbing into your truck? If so, you may want to consider purchasing motorized steps made by Amp Research.
We also have pull bars, tailgates and chrome and metal mesh grilles and inserts. Does your truck sit funny? Straighten it with a leveling kit. We also carry truck bed liners and covers from Big Truck Accessory.     

So go ahead and make your statement. Select the appropriate accessory that helps to tell your story from Audio Connection today.


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